Pamela Slim presents: Power Boost 2012 in Sales, in Referrals, in Networking, in Profit

Desiree Adaway is a non-profit consultant who has served in senior-level positions at organizations including Habitat for Humanity and The Rotary Foundation. She is especially skilled at helping organizations achieve more consistent, quality program results through strategic partnerships. She has designed and administered partnerships that have secured over $10.5 million in funding from a variety of private and corporate resources, including the NCAA, State Farm and The Gap. During the Haiti earthquake crisis, Desiree helped coordinate partnerships with corporate and non-profit partners and hundreds of volunteers to create thousands of shelter kits in less than two weeks. Desiree is known by her staff, senior leadership, peers and partners as being great at open, honest and productive conversations. She is not afraid of addressing anything that gets in the way of a great work.
  Abe Cajudo is a cross-discipline creative director, entrepreneur, and storyteller. His current fascinations include directing big ideas through video and design. And Kickstarter campaigns.
Chris Allen delivers consulting, training & mentoring to help sales people and businesses connect more profoundly and passionately with their customers, resulting in highly differentiated value and sustained customer loyalty. His experience includes 30+ years in sales of business services and products and 17 years as consistent top performer with a global, 200 employee company in sales of user-experience research and design consulting and training services to Fortune 500 companies.
Heidi Dobbs is a multi-passionate coach and teacher who helps other multi-passioantes design a life that aligns with their values, plays to their strengths, and celebrates their unique gifts. Whether it’s developing a business or designing a career, she will teach you how to get what you really want, in a way that suits your own personal style. You’ll learn to appreciate the value of having multiple passions, while also avoiding the ‘shiny object syndrome’ which plagues multi-passionate peeps!
Adam Issadore is a New York City based drummer, educator, and facilitator. As a performer he has toured the US and Europe drumming with jazz, rock, and world music groups. Adam is the founder of Path To Rhythm, a company that provides group-drumming programs that help to unite people at live events, retreats and conferences.
Max Mendoza has a passion for being a catalyst. A recent graduate, he founded two major organizations during his college career Collegetown ASU [a leadership & empowerment camp] and the ASU Undie Run [a now established charity tradition with international media coverage, over 15,000 annual attendees, & 16,000+ Facebook followers]. While double majoring in Marketing & Sociology he additionally co-founded two business, Entourage Marketing [a social media & retention marketing agency] and Project U [a community to inspire and connect young adult Changemakers both online and offline]. Max is also a marathon runner, avid traveler, and adventurous explorer. You can learn more & connect with Max at
Cheryl Dolan is a specialist in Presence, Communication and Creativity. Her mission is to cultivate clients’ innate strengths to develop the powerful communication and creative skills that will enhance personal and professional performance. Her Platinum Presence® Program has been delivered in international corporations, organizations, and institutes of higher education, including Harvard University and MIT Sloan School.
Kyle Durand is a business and tax attorney, former Navy JAG and tech entrepreneur. Kyle is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to build agile businesses that provide the income, freedom and lifestyle they desire.
Michael Queen is a highly experienced event planner, promoter and producer.  His resume includes events ranging from one day workshops with a hundred people to week long conferences that host over 10,000 attendees and hundreds of speakers, workshops and breakouts.  His roles have touched on all aspects of events from marketing to contract negotiating and sponsor acquisition to heading up the live production on-site.  Michael’s experience in leveraging events to make money, while saving his clients thousands of dollars, is unmatched in his field.
Yolanda Facio is a master at referral business, having worked in high-touch customer businesses for decades. She will teach you how to run your business in a way that makes referrals easy, how to ask for referrals, and how to keep your customers happy.
Valerie Steiger is a Master Certified Life Coach, event planner (, retreat specialist (, speaker, and author (Changes of the Heart. Martha Beck Life Coaches Share Strategies for Facing Life Challenges.)  Her coaching focuses on women in life transition and she provides personal and professional natural self-leadership programs.  She is the founder and owner of N3 Retreats, a unique nationwide retreat experience for women. For more information and to sign up for services and newsletter, visit
Jill Murphy spends her days (and most nights) working with teams to start and scale businesses. She helps organizations create culture, understand context and tell meaningful stories. In her role as Chief Marketing Officer for Fanology Social, she spends a lot of time on Facebook , Twitter,  Pinterest,  Quora, Google+ and more and she gets to call that working. In a moment of insanity several years ago, Murphy initiated a large research project exploring the impact of Facebook (and social media, in general) on human interaction and relationship. She’s in the midst of turning that research into a book, a process of equal parts delight and torture.